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Apple On Lockdown In China Due To CoronaVirus ((FULL))

The lockdown in the city of millions comes as more than 3,300 coronavirus cases were reported Saturday in all of China, which has a population of over 1.4 billion. China has taken a different approach to COVID than many other countries with a zero-tolerance policy that translates into strict lockdowns for millions of people.

Apple On Lockdown In China Due To CoronaVirus

Senior officials killed hopes for a lifting of the draconian measures during a news conference on Saturday, reaffirming China's commitment to the strict lockdowns, mandatory quarantines and testing and business closures that Beijing has used for years in a bid to keep a lid on coronavirus outbreaks.

But that doesn't mean the coronavirus (opens in new tab)outbreak is done affecting the supply chains of Apple and other companies. Bloomberg said that a two-week lockdown in Malaysia will also result in supply constraints because Murata Manufacturing, Renesas Electronics, Ibiden, Micron, Texas Instruments and other companies have factories there.


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