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[S14E11] The Lost Reindeer

Inside the house, Ryan Bonham tells Russell that he was hosting the company Christmas party at his house. Brad had been working for the company for the last few months and had been psyched to organize the party. Everyone loved Brad, which made him the perfect person to play Santa. Ryan recalls that he put his son, Blake, to bed at 9:00 PM, and the next thing he knew, he was awakened to the sound of sirens. Outside, Greg takes a sample of blood from the reindeer, appropriately named "Dasher," and briefly converses with Jayson Walt, whose company organized the Winter Wonderland scene outside.

[S14E11] The Lost Reindeer

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Back at the Bonham house, young Blake watches a video of his late mother reading him a Christmas book. The reading is interrupted by a phone call, and Blake laments that his mother never got to finish the story. When questioned by Morgan, Blake recalls that he saw a reindeer in the house; it was pawing at the floor on the staircase. Hodges tries (poorly) to explain to the child that he was dreaming and merely imagined seeing such a thing.

The fiber found in Brad's cheek wound was made from specific polymers and dye used in fake fur and reindeer costumes. Hodges theorizes to Russell that "Santa" was knocked out by one of his reindeer, who was wearing "hoof gloves." This would also explain why Blake saw a reindeer inside the house looking for something. 041b061a72


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