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WhatsApp 2023: The Best Way to Stay Connected with Your Friends and Family

Nowadays, many people use WhatsApp to share videos, photos, audio, and much more. If you want to use WhatsApp with some extra features, then GBWhatsApp APK is available to download and install on your device.

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Send Maximum Pictures: Additionally, as compared to official Whatsapp you can send more than 90 pictures at a time. Also, you can send 50 MB video clip and 100 MB audio clip to your contact.

Endless Themes: Plus, in this Customization version of Whatsapp theme feature is also introduced. So there are so many amazing themes and Emojis that you can apply to your phone according to your mode.

Social App Report 2023Want to learn more about the most popular social apps? Our Social App Report includes financials, usage, demographics and benchmarks on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

This is, in fact, an antiban application developed by an Egyptian developer Nassar Al-Jaidi to change your communication experience from a boring WhatsApp model to something really innovative. Owing to its peerless features, this apk has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. Although this apk is widespread all over the world, more often, it is prevalent in the African region. Interestingly, there are 8 different variants of this all-encompassing apk. All these 8 models have minor differences from the base apk.

Encountering errors when downloading videos and photos on WhatsApp can be frustrating. While WhatsApp is known for its stability, occasional issues may arise. Thankfully, there are effective solutions to tackle this problem. In this guide, we will explain these solutions and guide you through the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Stay with us until the end to solve your WhatsApp download problem!

Insufficient coverage in the mobile data network or WiFi can cause errors when downloading images and videos on WhatsApp. Although you might not encounter issues with other applications, a weak signal may hinder downloading large media files like videos.

Restarting your device can resolve various issues, including the one preventing you from downloading WhatsApp videos and photos. Simply press the power button and select the restart option. Wait for the process to complete, and then check if you can download your files again.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why you may encounter problems when downloading videos and photos from WhatsApp. The most common reasons include network connectivity issues, lack of space on your phone, outdated versions of the app, and problems with the WhatsApp service. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can diagnose and solve the problem and continue to enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp. However, if the problem persists, it is always a good idea to contact WhatsApp support for further assistance.

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Whether it be a short good morning message or a wholesome reply to a story, Whatsapp is accessed by billions of people daily, and they exchange a lot of messages along with media on the platform. Let us look at the statistics associated with it.

Hong Kong experienced around 94% more Whatsapp downloads in 2021 than 2020. Singapore was the second-fastest in download growth as Whatsapp downloads increased 93% during the same period. Malaysia ranked 3rd with an 86.5% growth.

Statuses are always deleted 24 hours after being posted. Alternatively, users can manually delete their statuses before this period expires. MBWhatsapp allows you to prevent statuses/stories from being deleted for you even after the expected posting period expires.

4. The selection boxes will show up next to all messages. Click on the selection boxes next to the photos or videos you want to download. Then, press the Download icon at the bottom.

5. The Save-as dialog box will show up. Click on Save to download the selected files on your computer. Please note that the files will be downloaded in a ZIP folder which you have to extract to view the downloaded photos and videos.

2. Before we use the extension, you need to change a Chrome setting, otherwise, you will see lots of pop-ups. Go to Chrome Settings > Downloads. Turn off the toggle next to Ask where to save each file before downloading.

4. Click on any photo or video to view the media viewer and scroll through photos. This step is essential as it will sync photos from your phone, which is necessary for the extension to download photos.

6. All the synced photos and videos in the chat will show up in the extension. You can either manually select the images or videos you want to download by clicking on the selection boxes or hit the Select all button to select all the files. You can even customize the selection using the tools at the top like size, type, layout, etc.

3. If you see the Download icon on a photo or video, tap on it to download it. Similarly, do this for other photos and videos that you want to download. However, if you open the Photos app at this stage, you will not see the downloaded photos.

8. A better approach is to enable the Save to camera roll feature. Doing so will automatically save the downloaded photos and videos in the Photos app. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats. Enable the toggle next to Save to camera roll.

On Android, you cannot manually save multiple photos and videos from WhatsApp in the gallery. You have to enable the Save to gallery feature to automatically show downloaded media in the gallery. To do so, follow these steps:

Alternatively, if you want the photos and videos to download automatically without pressing any button, go to WhatsApp Settings > Storage and data and tap on When connected as Wi-Fi. Select Photos and videos. You can do the same for mobile data.

Are you looking for the link to download YOWhatsApp Apk 9.71 latest version for Android? Today, I will share the installation guide, features, and a link to get the YO WhatsApp app, aka YOWA Apk. There is no doubt that modified WhatsApp is far better than the original WhatsApp version in terms of features.

Although modified WhatsApps lacks security, quite many users love using these mods of WhatsApp. Among such WhatsApp versions, the YO WhatsApp app is one of the most popular ones. For iPhone users, I will update this article with a guide to download YOWhatsApp for iOS devices.

The app is free to download and install. And with the WhatsApp YO, you get several new and modified features that the official version of WhatsApp is missing. Features like the ability to customize, privacy settings, and others are introduced in this mod version. Also, it has all the features of official WhatsApp.

Anyway, to help you know more about the YO WhatsApp 9.71, further in this article, I have shared its excellent features. In addition, I have also shared 5 WhatsApp alternative apps. You may also like to download the GBWhatsApp apk.

Then go to the file manager app on your phone and rename the WhatsApp folder to YOWhatsApp. Now download and install Yousef YOWhatsApp Apk 9.71 on your phone by following the above steps. Also, while setting up the app, tap on the restore button to restore the backup.

While right now there is no Whatsapp app on the iPad, but there could be one coming. Back in August 2021 there were reports that the team at Meta/Facebook-owned Whatsapp is working on a Whatsapp for iPad app. That news came via WABetaInfo, the twitter feed for Whatsapp beta news:

It's easier to leave WhatsApp than you might think. There's a large number of alternative services out there, and you may be familiar with some of them. They're a lot more secure than regular SMS text messaging, and have a lot of the same features and security as WhatsApp. That means your messages are still secure, and those GIFs can still be sent. here ae the best WhatsApp alternatives you ca download right now.

Scammers prowling on text messaging apps like WhatsApp sent a massive 66 billion spam texts in 2022 [*]. Projections show that Americans could lose $28 billion to text message scams going into 2023.

What to do: If you receive a message about downloading WhatsApp Gold, delete it immediately. Never forward these messages to other contacts in your phone no matter what the scam text says.

These messages intentionally spoof reputable companies like Marks & Spencer, as seen in the example below. However, the goal is to dupe you into sharing personally identifiable information (PII) or downloading malware.

How to download WhatsApp photoFrom a backup to your iPhoneYou might want to restore WhatsApp images back to your iPhone together with the chats themselves. Do it using the Custom restore feature of CopyTrans Shelbee. This app will bring back WhatsApp messages that have gone missing and simultaneously recover the chat images. CopyTrans Shelbee will do it from an iTunes backup or a backup made with third-party software.

Download GBWhatsapp APK is an advanced version of WhatsApp. There are many advanced features in this app that are not common in WhatsApp like status saving, airplane mode, and DND mod sharing videos up to 200GB. Users can hide their online status. They can use the auto-reply option for a faster reply. There is a lot of privacy in this app. They can disable the forwarded tag. This is a user-friendly and device-supporting app. This app is totally free of cost. Download GBWhatsapp which has many premium features. Most of the features that are limited in WhatsApp like that we can send only 30 images at a time WhatsApp is too boring and time-wasting but Gb WhatsApp allows the user to send 80+ images in one click.


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