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Blackshades 5.5.1 CRACKED NOV 2014 Free Download

Blackshades 5.5.1 Cracked: A Free Download You Don't Want to Miss

If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use remote administration tool (RAT) that can control thousands of computers remotely, you might be tempted to download Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked edition for free. However, before you do that, you should know that this software is not only illegal, but also very dangerous for your own security and privacy.


What is Blackshades?

Blackshades is a RAT that was developed by a group of hackers in 2010. It allows the attacker to access the victim's computer remotely, and perform various malicious actions, such as:

  • Stealing passwords, files, and personal information

  • Monitoring keystrokes, webcam, and microphone

  • Encrypting files and demanding ransom

  • Spreading malware and viruses

  • Using the victim's computer for cyberattacks

Blackshades was sold online for $40 to $100 per license, and was used by thousands of cybercriminals around the world. In 2014, an international law enforcement operation called Operation Blackshades resulted in the arrest of more than 100 people who were involved in the creation, distribution, or use of Blackshades. The original version of Blackshades was shut down by the authorities, and its users were warned to stop using it or face legal consequences.

What is Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked?

Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked is a modified version of Blackshades that was released in November 2014 by an unknown hacker. It claims to be a free and updated version of Blackshades that can bypass antivirus detection and firewall protection. It also claims to have new features, such as:

  • A faster and more stable connection

  • A stealth mode that hides the RAT from the task manager and registry

  • A file manager that can upload and download files from the victim's computer

  • A keylogger that can record keystrokes and send them to the attacker's email

  • A webcam capture that can take screenshots of the victim's webcam

Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked is advertised on various hacking forums and websites, and can be downloaded from links that look like this: [CLICK HERE ->>> ]

Why you should not download Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked?

Downloading Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked is a very bad idea for several reasons:

  • It is illegal. Using Blackshades is a criminal offense that can result in fines or imprisonment. You are also exposing yourself to legal action from the victims of your hacking activities.

  • It is dangerous. Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked is not a genuine version of Blackshades, but a malware that can infect your own computer and compromise your security and privacy. It can steal your personal information, encrypt your files, spy on your activities, or use your computer for illegal purposes.

  • It is ineffective. Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked is not as powerful or reliable as it claims to be. It can be easily detected and removed by antivirus software or firewall settings. It can also malfunction or crash frequently, causing damage to your system or data.

In conclusion, Blackshades 5.5.1 cracked is a scam that you should avoid at all costs. It is not worth risking your legal status, security, or privacy for a software that does not work as advertised and can harm you more than it helps you.

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