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FarPoint Spread 8.0.11 ^NEW^

farpoint spread for web forms has an object-oriented design and underlying models to facilitate speedy, flexible, and scalable development. but ajax will not solve all types of problems with performance issues on the client side. for example, applications with hundreds of client-side calculations may not save an appreciable amount of time with ajax since the calculations in all these cells would still require recalculation when the data changes.

FarPoint Spread 8.0.11

also, you would have to handle anything outside of the spreadsheet on the form separately. for example, if you had a message box on the form but outside of spread that required updating when the spreadsheet changed, client-side code would have to be written to handle that and ajax would not help in that case. remember also that if an ajax callback is made, the control onload method is not called, as it would with a normal full postback. if you need it to fire, then you would need to make code that calls it and put that code in the oncallbackstart or oncallbackstopped event so that it can be run.

add new columns to the spreadsheet by calling the addcolumns method on the spread object. the column names will be automatically named, but you may override the names by setting the name property. the columns can be added either to the left or to the right of the existing columns.

spread v8 is a replacement for the spread v6, which is a replacement for the spread v5. the spread v8 has added updated webbroker capability, excel compatibility, farpoint winforms integration, and new features. spread v8 is the first spread version to be released as a public beta (alpha) version.


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