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Scandal, Gay Documentary.

Due to the scandal, Haggard went on administrative leave from New Life, saying, "I am voluntarily stepping aside from leadership so that the overseer process can be allowed to proceed with integrity. I hope to be able to discuss this matter in more detail at a later date. In the interim, I will seek both spiritual advice and guidance."[19] On November 2, 2006, senior church officials told Colorado Springs television station KKTV that Haggard had admitted to some of the claims made by Jones.[20] In an e-mail to New Life Church parishioners sent on the evening of November 2, Acting Senior Pastor Ross Parsley wrote, "It is important for you to know that he [Haggard] confessed to the overseers that some of the accusations against him are true."[21] Haggard admitted that he had purchased methamphetamine and received a massage from Jones, but denied using the drugs or having sex with Jones.[22]

Scandal, gay documentary.

In January 2009, after the release of The Trials of Ted Haggard, Haggard and wife Gayle appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, and other national media programs to offer a public apology and confession for the issues that spurred his resignation. The couple also appeared on the syndicated television show Divorce Court in April 2009. On the program, Ted says he wanted his wife to divorce him after the scandal, saying that he thought he had become so "toxic" that divorce was best for Gayle and their children. On March 11, 2009, Haggard attended a performance in New York of This Beautiful City, a play about him and the Colorado Springs evangelical community. In August 2009, Haggard told Charisma magazine: "I do not believe my childhood experience is an excuse. I fell into sin and failed to extract myself. I am responsible, and I have repented." He also extols the benefits of qualified counselors: "I highly recommend qualified Christian counseling... for anyone losing their fight with any kind of compulsive thoughts or behaviors. ... I believe our generation of believers is going to have to accept that it's not always lack of faith if we need counseling for assistance with integrity. If I had gone to counseling, I probably could have completely avoided my crisis."[46][47][48][49]

In October 2009, the Colorado Springs Independent published the first extensive interview with Haggard to appear in the secular press since the 2006 scandal. Over the course of a 2-hour interview, the former pastor talked about the scandal, his agreement never to return to New Life or the state of Colorado, suicidal ideas, and the prospect of starting a new church in Colorado Springs. "Back in the old days," said Haggard, "when somebody would get in trouble, they'd just need to move 40 or 50 miles, or a hundred miles, and they could start again. Not anymore. Which is one of the reasons why we needed to come home. Because I needed to finish this story from here."[53]

A few years later, Hastert himself would be accused of sexually abusing three male students when he was a teacher three decades earlier, and would spend 13 months in prison. Considering that Hastert was involved in the impeachment of President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal, a modern documentary on this snowballing controversy would make for extremely interesting viewing.

Ted Haggard, the former evangelical megachurch leader who fell from grace in a 2006 sex and drugs scandal, is making efforts to redeem himself in an HBO documentary in which he reveals new details about sexual abuse he claims he suffered as a child.

Though the evangelical church is no stranger to scandal, many leaders of the movement who were once close to Haggard, like James Dobson of Focus on the Family, have distanced themselves. And Leith Anderson, the evangelical association's current president, told that his organization had not had any contact with Haggard since his resignation.

"God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty" takes the spotlight away from Jerry Jr. and shines it on Granda, who appears in front of the camera to share his story and recount details of the prolonged sexual threesome. Granda's sister, investigative journalist Megan K. Stack and journalist Mark Ebner, who co-wrote Granda's new memoir, are also featured in the documentary.

"Things started slowly morphing into, 'Oh, this is just sex and friendship,' into, 'Now, we're going to control you," Granda said in the documentary. At this point, Granda had two options: he could back out of the relationship for good and lose out on his stake in a multimillion-dollar real estate project or he could just trust the Falwells and "see what happens."

Oh, but are we sure it's true? Witness after witness says yes, among them, longtime Variety editor Peter Bart. But if you go into "Scotty And The Secret History Of Hollywood" hoping just for dirt, you'll get less than you expect. This is a profile documentary. It's mainly about the man, how he came to do what he did and what he does now in failing health. The result is sometimes meandering. Bowers trudges through his house overlooking downtown Los Angeles, somehow avoiding the piles of trash he's accumulated. His current wife, a lounge singer, is visibly uncomfortable and says she might not have married Bowers if she'd known his history. That's a little creepy.

In 1987, when Springs of Life membership peaked at about 1,500, Bakker came into its life. Defrocked by his church in Tennessee after an infamous sex scandal, Bakker had settled in Palm Springs with his wife, Tammy Faye.

"Very few people today even know about the scandal, and most biographical works about FDR either fail to mention it all or gloss over his role as a leader of the investigation," said Loughery. "When I watched the program I was prepared to be pleasantly surprised when Ken Burns brought it up, and my sense is that Burns decided to leave it out because it doesn't fit in with the mythologizing and hero dimension."

I really hope Manti is receiving some of the positive feedback about him that I see on Twitter right now as people finish the documentary. I hope he gets some closure and maybe even gets some big new endorsement or business opportunity as a result. He deserves it. In the meantime, Manti should definitely release a book on whatever he has been eating and doing in the last few years. Has anyone in history ever physically aged as well as Manti?

In this sexual explicit drama of solitude and human connection, lingering trauma from his rural hometown follows a young gay Australian man to the big city of Sydney where he meets another lost and scarred young man. Casey, a cowboy running from a small-town scandal, finds himself down and out in the big city. When he meets Tib, a young man struggling with his own scars of isolation, both men find something they have been missing but neither of them knows quite how to negotiate it. This film contains nudity and graphic and extreme sexual situations.

A. IHOPKC is committed to giving to the poor and to efforts that forward the Great Commission of Jesus throughout the earth. We do this primarily in our own city (Kansas City) through efforts that feed the poor, support widows and orphans, and help local schools and evangelism projects. We also support missionaries in other nations; however, we have never supported any of the individuals shown in the God Loves Ugandadocumentary.


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