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Kitab al-milal wa al-nihal: A Book of Religious and Philosophical Sects

Kitab al-milal wa al-nihal (The Book of Sects and Creeds) is a classic work of Islamic theology and history, written by the 12th century scholar Muhammad ibn Abd al-Karim al-Shahrastani. The book is a comprehensive survey of the various religious and philosophical groups that existed in the Islamic world up to his time, as well as a critical evaluation of their doctrines and arguments. The book is divided into two parts: the first part deals with the Muslim sects, such as the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Kharijites, the Mu'tazilites, the Ash'arites, and others; the second part deals with the non-Muslim sects, such as the Jews, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, the Sabians, the Manicheans, the Buddhists, and others.


The book is considered to be one of the most authoritative and objective sources on Islamic theology and history, as well as a valuable contribution to the comparative study of religions. The book is also notable for its use of rational arguments and dialectical methods to analyze and refute the claims of various sects. The book is not only a historical account of religious diversity, but also a philosophical inquiry into the nature of truth and knowledge.

The book has been translated into several languages, including English, French, German, and Persian. However, finding a complete and reliable PDF version of the book online can be challenging. Many websites that claim to offer a free download of the book are either broken or contain malware. Therefore, it is advisable to use a trusted source to access the book online.

One such source is [], which provides a free download of the book in two volumes. The book was translated into English by William Cureton in 1846 and published by the Society for the Publication of Oriental Texts. The PDF files are scanned copies of the original print edition, which may contain some errors or typos. However, they are still readable and useful for anyone who wants to study this important work.

Another source is [], which is a global catalog of library collections. allows users to search for books and other materials in libraries near them or around the world. Users can also request items through interlibrary loan or find online versions of some books. lists several editions and translations of Kitab al-milal wa al-nihal, including PDF versions that can be accessed online or downloaded. However, some of these versions may require a subscription or a login to access them.

In conclusion, Kitab al-milal wa al-nihal is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Islamic theology and history, as well as comparative religion. The book can be downloaded for free from [] or accessed through []. However, users should be careful about the quality and reliability of the PDF files they download from other websites.


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