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Hubeau Trumpet Sonata Pdf Free !FULL!

Pianist Christine Fuoco launched her dynamic career as a recitalist in Northeast Ohio and concertizes throughout the United States. She has performed with world-renowned opera singers Jane Eaglen and Nancy Maultsby, and with numerous members of The Cleveland Orchestra. In January 2019, Ms. Fuoco and Jack Sutte presented a four-concert recital series titled METTLE: SonataPalooza I, during which they performed and recorded twelve sonatas for trumpet and piano. Those works comprise the present four-disc set. In August 2019, they presented another four-concert series of twelve sonatas, titled REGALE: SonataPalooza II. Consistently expanding her contemporary music repertoire, Ms. Fuoco has performed significant works for saxophone and piano with Steven Banks, and in February 2020, premiered and recorded newly found saxophone and piano pieces by Pierre-Philippe Bauzin with Sean Murphy.

Hubeau Trumpet Sonata Pdf Free


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