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[DC Comics] Power Girl 2021-11-13 (Pro) [4K] [S... ((BETTER))

That's not because there's a lack of trees, that's a lack of sawmill capacity and all the other things that get you from tree to floorboards. So this magic world of multiworlds and suddenly we want twice as many houses... the construction industry will be playing "name your price. Now double it. Hahahaha" because anyone who thinks a dacha in the country can be built by any monkey who has a Swiss army knife and some willpower is going down to the woods today but not getting a nice surprise. Teddy bears picnic and all.

[DC Comics] Power Girl 2021-11-13 (Pro) [4K] [S...

On the transport side, I expect hovercraft to be ubiquitous, especially for transport trucks, law enforcement, and military. There may even be a class divide between those who drive hovers (and can jaunt while driving) and those who are stuck with wheeled vehicles that can't normally jaunt. This may also lead to some fun: imagine low-riders with enough hydraulic power to go airborne. This leads to crazy car stunts (people with low riders...or driving a la Bullitt) who take pride in their ability to a) get their car airborne while driving, and b) jaunt while the wheels are off the ground. Imagine a car chase between these crazies and law enforcement in jaunting hovercraft.... 041b061a72


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