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We Buy Bikes Near Me

WE BUY BIKES BICYCLES . SELL YOUR BIKE TO LIVE4BIKES. Where who how to Sell my bike bicycles . We buy sell trade and repair bikes bicycles. We are located in Bellflower Ca near Lakewood , long beach . los angeles. You can trade in your bike , bicycle and get a new one. How to sell my bike fast. Cash for Bicycles bikes. Buying and Selling Used Bicycles and Bicycle Equipment. Selling my used bicycle. Where should I sell my bike? Los Angeles how to appraise my used bike bicycle . How much is my bicycle worth . Where can i sell my old bike . Do you known anyone who buys or trades bikes bicycles!

we buy bikes near me

Largest selection of Used Bikes in San Francisco! The daily inventory ranges from 250 to 280 Used Bikes plus over 60 Brand New Bikes. All the second-hand bikes are clean, tuned-up and oiled. We ensure that all the parts are in good working condition. We replace worn parts with new ones as needed. At Columbus Cyclery, all our used bikes are sold with a 30-day warranty(*) which includes all parts and labor. Guaranteed ! So, no bad surprises after you purchase the bike. We have been in the bicycle business since 2011.

When you come to our store to look at bicycles, new or pre-owned, we encourage you to try a few bikes around the block, so that you can pick one that you really like. We will adjust the seat and handlebar heights for you for the best fit. We will give you a quick refresher on gear changing, bike handling and a few safety tips.

Additionally, Columbus Cyclery gives away a bike to the community every quarter. That is Four (4) bikes per year! No purchase needed. Absolutely free. No marketing soliciting thereafter. It takes less than 2 minutes to enter a simple contest to win the bicycle. If you win, just walk in the store and pick any bike, used or new, valued at up to $600 retail. No strings attached.

Ellen H. My purchase of a used bike from Columbus Cyclery a few weeks ago was an excellent experience all around. It started with their excellent website where I could peruse the offerings. Then I was able to spend over an hour trying/testing the bikes I wanted (helped that I brought their ID codes from the site). They were very patient with me as I debated, nicely explaining different features and pros/cons. All the bikes I tried ran very well. Priced at 60%-50% of new retail (approximately), I thought the value was good. I got a Cannondale, helmet, lock and basket, all for just under $500 with tax. They very nicely fixed a couple things and gave me a kickstand for free. I took the bike for a long ride the next day and it was great. All in all, a great experience that I would recommend.

Any good clean used bike from 2007 to 2015 in general. We do best with touring motorcycles like Harley Street Glide, Ultra Classics and Road Kings and Adventure bikes like the BMW R1200GS and similar bikes from KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha. Sport Touring, super sports and cruisers too. We do not accept off-road motorcycles or ATVs.

Overall the bike is amazing, it arrived with a few nicks in the paint (which I didn't think was worth the time it would take to get a replacement), and the brakes keep making a screeching noise (but that might be a thing bikes do). Love the handle bars, and have gotten a few compliments on the bike!

I bought this set for a new bike, but at the same time was shopping around for lights for my kid's school commuter bike. Now I wish the lights on my other bikes would "accidentally" fall off so I can replace them all with this set. For starters, they're crazy-bright, and probably the brightest I've ever seen at this price point. All of the rechargeable (USB) lights with at least 9 hours of run time started at $40 at the big box stores (and, to my uncalibrated eyeballs, the Uptown lights were brighter than everything in the $40-60 price range). Also important, the clip and mounting straps are rock solid. The clip has a rubber coating that makes it non-slip, so I feel confident using the mounting tabs on my backpack without worrying about a pothole sending the light flying. If you are mounting it to a tube or bike rack, the silicone straps are beefy and provide a tight grip.

Got this bike last month and honestly it's so great! I got the beautiful seaglass color! I don't know much about bikes but Ryan was super helpful at making sure I found the right one down to what I should feel the best seat height for me would be. Pickup was super easy! They have a partnership with Silk Roads so it was great to be able to pick up my already assembled bike. 10/10 would recommend this bike to anyone who is just looking for a cute commuter style bike!

My wife and I had been contemplating buying new bikes for a few years. After some pretty extensive reading and searching, we decided on the Lorimer and Roebling models. I had some anxiety about ordering a bike online and very nearly pulled the trigger on an REI Co-op bike, but I could not be more satisfied with my decision to go with Brooklyn. First the process - it was exactly as advertised. Online chat answered a few questions for me and was very helpful. Once ordered, I had made a mistake in buying components (added a chainguard I didn't need). They e-mailed me over a holiday weekend to check on it, got it corrected for me, and refunded all by the next business day. I also decided last minute to switch the rack I purchased and they made that adjustment for me as well. Notifications when it shipped and told me the bike shop it would be at. Two weeks later I got an e-mail that it was ready. The assembly was nearly flawless (a loose bolt on the rack caused it to slide during first use, but it was easily remedied). As for the bike itself, I love it. Aesthetically, it's awesome. These bikes ooze cool. The logo, the matte paint, the trim, everything is beautiful. It's a ton of fun to ride. Between the customer service and the quality, I don't think you can do any better.

I've been riding this kind of city bike for 20 years (Toronto and other places) and this bike is excellent. I like steel frames for the bit of butter you get in the ride, but this one has a smoother ride than others I've had. (And still have). I think it might be the frame geometry. It has a bit longer wheel base than my other bikes, and I think that may be what has improved ride quality. I have a similar bike in Toronto but with a 7 speed Shimano internal hub, and I wasn't sure if 3 speeds would be enough. But it is! In fact I wouldn't want more. One other reviewer said he put a smaller cog on the back to change the gear ratio. While the stock set-up is I'm sure right for most riders, I'm a big fit guy and I think I will do the same at some stage, as I'm cruising too easily in third gear and could use more speed. Another thing I appreciate about the bike is the comfortable seat and grips. I was thinking of doing a Brooks saddle, but not sure that will be necessary. Also the grips are great - vegan leather? i think that means fake leather, but it's really good fake leather. The grips have a little cushioning underneath which really makes them comfortable. The twist shifter is great too - very smart for quick shifting in the city to get out of somebodies way. This is a well thought out bike and great value. I only wish there had been a black one available. I was impatient so went with the white one in stock at the showroom in Brooklyn (which was an enjoyable visit in itself). But the ivory colour is growing on me... Anyway, exceeds expectations on all levels. Thank you.

First thing first, this is a very aesthetic bike and you're going to get a lot compliments on it. It's a solid frame road bike so make sure you know the terrain you're going to be using it on, no off-roading obviously. It's great on the roads and has a surprising amount of power.My experience with this bike was not great to start though and I rolled unlucky when I originally got it, and had derailleur issues. Which was resolved by a visit to the partner shop and then later on a visit to a local shop. I need to give huge props to the customer care team especially Danielle, whose hard work and communication made what would normally be a rage inducing experience pleasant. I've been using it pretty much daily over the last few months, putting it through its paces to make sure the issue has been resolved. Now it's one of my favorite bikes I've ever owned, and was well worth the investment. I'd recommend this bike to just about anybody, although I might suggest looking into the internal gear options over the derailleur if possible.

Austin - thank you so much for taking the time to share such thorough feedback. While we understand we had a few hiccups, we truly appreciate you acknowledging the effort our team put in to make it right and we're floored to read your words suggesting that 'it's one of my favorite bikes I've ever owned.' -Ryan Zagata

Mission City Indian Motorcycle offers a wide selection of motorcycles for sale. We carry all makes and models, including trikes and custom choppers. All of our bikes pass a 24 point service inspection and highway test by our certified technicians. If you want to purchase a new Indian Motorcycle or a used Harley-Davidson, Victory, Honda or a Triumph we have them all.

  • We are the #1 Indian Motorcycle dealership in Texas! We are located in the San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Greater Central Texas region. We are a full-service dealer and not only offer great prices, but also financing options from 3.99% apr WAC. The bikes you see on our site move fast and are priced to sell. Call us today! We'll have you riding in no time.Read MoreMission City Indian Motorcycle28611 Interstate 10 W

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